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Alumni Profile: David Paluch
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David Paluch
#81 David Paluch
Forward (Shoots: L)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112 lbs
Born: January 1, 2001
Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Tenure: Unknown
Worth Noting

Name: David Paluch
Number: 81
Nickname: Davey
Why: My dad and my sister Vicky call me that.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112 lbs
Birthday: June 22, 2001
Hometown: Mississauga
Birthplace: Toronto
Position: Forward
Shoots: Left
Number of Years in AAA Hockey: 4
First Hockey Team: Humber Valley Sharks
Family or relative with professional athletic/sporting backgrounds (Include name & relation):
When did you first begin playing hockey and how did you get started? 6 years old when I started playing house league with Humber Valley (Minor Novice) in Etobicoke.

OHL Status: Eligible for 2017
NHL Status: Eligible for 2019
Date of when graduated High School: June of 2018
School Class Average: A%

Who has had the most influence on you (parent, coach, teammate) & Why? All of my hockey coaches have had a big influence on me – Greg Essensa (Novice) and Beau Moyer (Atom and Minor Pee) have taught me the skills of being a good hockey player and working hard every shift. Coach Louie Gialedakis is teaching me to be dedicated to my overall conditioning and treating my teammates as brothers.
Who do you pattern your game after and why? I pattern my game after Patrick Kane because he has great hands and sees the ice very well.
What jersey number do you wear & significance? #81. When I was 8 years old I made the Selects “A” team at Humber Valley after only one year of playing house league hockey and I had such a terrific year and met so many friends.  I was born in 01 so the two numbers which are both significant to me when put together are 81.
Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions (what do you do & why)? I stick handle with a ball outside the dressing room and focus on the game.
What is your most memorable hockey moment and why? In my Major Atom year I won the GTHL Championship and went on to win the OHF’s with the Mississauga Reps.  I received a championship ring with my name and number on it.
If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be and why? Wayne Gretzky, Sydney Crosby, and Bobby Orr.
The one thing people don't know about me is: I write with my left hand but throw a ball with my right.



Favourite NHL Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Favourite NHL Player: Sidney Crosby
Favourite Shootout Move: The Kane – When Patrick Kane stops in one spot in front of the goalie and stick handles than makes a quick shot in the top corner.
Favourite Goal Celebration: Very traditional throwing both of my hands up in the air year with a big smile.
Favourite Food: Spaghetti and meat balls.
Favourite Breakfast Food: Scrambled eggs and sausage.
Ideal Pre Game Meal: Salmon and rice
What do you do to get ready for a game: Stretch and stick handle imagining the game.
Best moment in Hockey Career: Winning the OHF’s and celebrating with my teammates in the dressing room after the game by drinking ginger ale out of the championship Cup pretending it was champagne.
In 10 years you will find me:  Playing in the NHL – hopefully for the Leafs.  My dad wants me to be a lawyer but my mom wants me to be a doctor.
Favourite Video Game: NHL 13 and Call of Duty
Favourite Movie: Dumb and Dumber
Favourite Actor/Actress: Jim Carey
Favourite Website:
Favourite Musical Band: Fun and Rush who I saw in concert with my dad recently
Favourite Pump-up song: Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback
Favourite TV Show: Oil Change
Favourite Cartoon: Bugs Bunny
Favourite Superhero: Incredible Hulk
My friends describe me as: Friendly and funny
Person you admire most in sports: Terry Fox
Why? He tried to run across Canada on one leg when he had cancer
Best hockey advice that you have ever received:  Enjoy the game.
Who gave that advice to you? My coaches
Favourite Car: Porsche 911
Favourite Saying: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Heard it from: Wayne Gretzky said this.
When I’m not playing hockey I like to: Spend time at my cottage on Lake Joseph in Muskoka and tubing with my family and friends.
Other Personal Interests: golf, soccer, fishing
Favourite Team in Sports Other than Hockey: Denver Broncos
Best holiday that you have ever been on and when: Disney land in Orlando, Florida.
Pets… What & Who: My grandparents have a dog named Oscar who I visit a lot.



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