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Profile: Cole Leal
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Cole Leal
#70 Cole Leal
Defense (Shoots: L)
Height : 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Born: 2001
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Worth Noting

Name:  Cole Leal
Number:  70
Nickname:  Leal
Why:  Last name
Height:  5’9”
Weight:  150 lbs
Birthday:  June 12th, 2001
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Birthplace:  Belleville, Ontario
Position:  Defense
Shoots:  Left
Number of Years in AAA Hockey:  6 years
First Hockey Team:  Belleville Jr. Bulls Tyke Select
Family or relative with professional athletic/sporting backgrounds (Include name & relation):  Great unlce Ted McComb played for the Toronto Marlies Jr. 'A', and great uncle Ed Reigle was the Head Coach for the Gold Medal winning team at the 1960 Olympics for team Sweden.
When did you first begin playing hockey and how did you get started?  Age 3, at Learn to skate.

OHL Status:  Eligible for 2017
NHL Status:  Eligible for 2019
Date of when graduated High School:  June of 2018
School Class Average:  A%


Who has had the most influence on you (parent, coach, teammate) & Why?  My big brother Avery because I've seen how his hard work has contributed to his success.
Who do you pattern your game after and why?  Drew Doughty and Erik Karlsson because in my mind, they are two of the best defensemen in the world right now.
What jersey number do you wear & significance?  #70, the year my parents were born.
Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions (what do you do & why)?  Talk to myself and listen to music to get in my zone.
What is your most memorable hockey moment and why?  Scoring my first AAA hat trick in Atom vs. Clarington.
If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be and why?  Drew Doughty, Bobby Orr, and Obama because these people are inspirational to me.
The one thing people don't know about me is:  I enjoy working on my golf game.

Favourite NHL Team:  L.A. Kings
Favourite NHL Player:  Drew Doughty
Favourite Shootout Move:  Chiimera's move
Favourite Goal Celebration:  Down on one knee, pull arm back like shooting a bow.
Favourite Food:  Shwarma
Favourite Breakfast Food:  Pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips.
Ideal Pre Game Meal:  Chicken alfredo
What do you do to get ready for a game:  Warm-up, listen to music, talk to myself, and drink biosteel.
Best moment in Hockey Career:  All-Star game at WSI Bratislava.
In 10 years you will find me:  In the NHL.
Favourite Video Game:  NHL 15
Favourite Movie:  Warrior
Favourite Actor/Actress:  Christian Bale
Favourite Website:
Favourite Musical Band:  John Mayer
Favourite Pump-up song:  Bad - David Guetta
Favourite TV Show:  Modern Family
Favourite Cartoon:  Bugs Bunny
Favourite Superhero:  Batman
My friends describe me as:  "Gritty", passionate and committed to reach my goals amid challenges and set backs.
Person you admire most in sports:  Bobby Orr
Why?  Small town kid that always worked hard and achieved his ultimate dream.
Best hockey advice that you have ever received:  When Steve Bancroft and Randy Uens suggested I play defense.
Who gave that advice to you?  Steve Bancroft and Randy Uens 
Favourite Car:  Lamborghini Veneno
Favourite Saying:  "When the need to succeed is as bad as the need to breathe, then you'll be successful"
Heard it from:  Eric Thomas
When I’m not playing hockey I like to:  Play XBox, workout, work on my game,  and play golf.
Other Personal Interests:  Golf, surfing, and space.
Favourite Team in Sports Other than Hockey:  New Zealand All Blacks
Best holiday that you have ever been on and when:  Walt Disney World
Pets… What & Who:  3 dogs - Burliegh, Stella, and Wilma. 2 cats - Gryphon and Lucy.

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