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Profile: Brodie McDougall
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Brodie McDougall
#92 Brodie McDougall
Forward (Shoots: R)
Height : 6'4"
Weight: 145 lbs
Born: 2001
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Worth Noting

Name:  Brodie McDougall
Number:  92
Nickname:  McDoogz
Why:  Short form for my last name
Height:  6’4”
Weight:  145 lbs
Birthday:  March 10th, 2001
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Birthplace:  Newmarket
Position:  Forward
Shoots:  Right
Number of Years in AAA Hockey:  3 years
First Hockey Team:  Georgina Minor Hockey Timbits
Family or relative with professional athletic/sporting backgrounds (Include name & relation):  I want to be the first
When did you first begin playing hockey and how did you get started?  Age 4 at Georgina Minor Hockey School. My Dad was the head instructor.

OHL Status:  Eligible for 2017
NHL Status:  Eligible for 2019
Date of when graduated High School:  June of 2018
School Class Average:  A%


Who has had the most influence on you (parent, coach, teammate) & Why?  My Dad because he has coached a lot and has been a great motivatot and teacher.
Who do you pattern your game after and why?  Jonathon Toews because he is such a great leader and competes on the entire 200 feet of ice.
What jersey number do you wear & significance?  92. I wore 19 for years and 92 is unique and a new change. Plus I want to be a bit better than Stamkos (91) - lol.
Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions (what do you do & why)?  I wear opposite colour socks in my skates for luck. I also never let my jersey touch the ground.
What is your most memorable hockey moment and why?  Being chosen for the North American All Star Team at the World Selects Invitational Tournament in Bratislava, Slovakia because there were so many great players there.
If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be and why?  Sidney Crosby; Connor McDavid; Jonathon Toews because Crobsy and Toews are the two best in the world and McDavid will be the next best player and they all have lots to teach.
The one thing people don't know about me is:  Two things: I have a twin brother and that I also love to golf.

Favourite NHL Team:  Montreal Canadiens
Favourite NHL Player:  Jonathon Toews
Favourite Shootout Move:  Top Secret
Favourite Goal Celebration:  Not big into goal celebrations but especially nice goals get an ice scoop.
Favourite Food:  French Fries
Favourite Breakfast Food:  Homemade egg mcmuffins
Ideal Pre Game Meal:  Spaghetti
What do you do to get ready for a game:  Listen to music to focus and get pumped up.
Best moment in Hockey Career:  First team ever in Georgina Minor Hockey Association history to be in back to back OMHA AA finals (won one and lost in the fifth and deciding game in the other). It was a big deal for a small town.
In 10 years you will find me:  In the NHL
Favourite Video Game:  NHL 2015
Favourite Movie:  Step Brothers
Favourite Actor/Actress:  Will Farrell
Favourite Website:  Google - from there you can go anywhere.
Favourite Musical Band:  I like all types of music from country to rap.
Favourite Pump-up song:  Turn It Down For What?
Favourite TV Show:  TSN Sports Centre
Favourite Cartoon:  Family Guy
Favourite Superhero:  Superman
My friends describe me as:  Funny, nice
Person you admire most in sports:  Jonathan Toews
Why?  He is such a great leader and he is very responsible with his lifestyle.
Best hockey advice that you have ever received:  "Knees bent; bum down; feet back to middle; long powerful strides; fast feet."
Who gave that advice to you?  My dad
Favourite Car:  Ferrari
Favourite Saying:  "Try your best: forget the rest"
Heard it from:  Last season, I overheard Joe McNamara say it to his 9 year old son Owen at my younger brother's hockey.
When I’m not playing hockey I like to:  Golf
Other Personal Interests:  Soccer, watch movies.
Favourite Team in Sports Other than Hockey:  Soccer
Best holiday that you have ever been on and when:  Cuba the last two years. Last year we were away over Christmas which was cool.
Pets… What & Who:  Dog name Paisley

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