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January: Back to Reality
February 2, 2012
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Coming off a high due to the huge win at the Burlington Shoe  Tournament as well as the festivities of Christmas, it was time for the Toronto Marlboros to continue training and focusing on completing the season as well as they began it. 


They started the month with a big win against the North York Rangers which was in their opinion, a great sign for what was to be expected over the course of January.  However, much like the dismal temperatures of the month, so were the next two games.


With a 2 - 0 loss to the Toronto Nationals, followed by a 1 - 0 loss to the Mississauga Rebels, the Marlboros were forced to come to terms with the fact that a little complacency had settled in with the team.  Coach Gialedakis, still maintaining a very positive and optimistic demeanour reminded his team what they were made of and what they were capable of.  Practices were hard and fast.  Mind to muscle sessions were rigorous and highly effective as was shown in a win against the Toronto Red Wings at the latter part of the month.


The Marlboros also trekked to the lovely town of Sarnia to play in the prestigious Silver Stick Tournament and secured a big win going undefeated throughout the duration of the tournament.  The final matched them with their rivals, the Markham Waxers who had defeated them on 2 previous occasions.  The Major Atom Marlboros goal was to set out and prove that they were the better of the two teams. By outplaying the Waxers in all 3 periods, they left no doubt in the minds of all observers… They were.


Sometimes, overcoming obstacles forces players to reconnect with themselves and remember all that they've been taught.  The Marlboros proved that to be true by ending the month the way they started it, as winners!

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