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What a Season!!!
April 2, 2012
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With an incredible season and one playoff round already behind them the Toronto Marlboros Atom AAA team prepared to battle against last season's GTHL champions, the Mississauga Rebels.  The team worked hard in preparation for this round because they knew their opponents would work hard to defend last year's standing.  The Marlboros upped the ante increasing their speed and endurance drills.  Coach Gialedakis did not let up on the training, in fact he "stepped it up a notch" bringing the team to the next level of training.  The results were profound!  The team played some of the best, most intense hockey of the season.  Their passes were concise, their speed was unparalleled and their shots on net easily doubled that of their opponent.  With four straight wins against the Rebels, the Marlboros came out victorious once again.

Feeling positive and hopeful, it was time for the Toronto Marlboros to face their most challenging opposition yet, the Mississauga Reps.  The GTHL top two teams were getting ready to play some of the best hockey that had been played all season.

The series began with 3 straight wins for the Reps.  The Toronto Marlboros realized that the score could have easily been 3 to 0 for them so giving up was never an option.  They went on to win the next 2 games.

The team once again needed a firm reminder of what brought them numerous wins in the past.  With the Kraft cup and two prestigious tournament championships behind them, they had a remarkable season to focus on.

It was an early Sunday morning, hearts were pounding and the Toronto Marlboros came out with more heart and desire than any other team in preparation for game 6.  They played and fought hard but unfortunately lost to their opponents.The Toronto Marlboros felt like they outplayed the Reps in five of the six games but to no avail.  They congratulated their opponents and proudly accepted their silver medallions. Coach Gialedakis personally congratulated the staff and players of the Mississauga Reps and wished them the very best at the upcoming OHF championships.

As for the Marlboros, they were honoured  at the Toronto Marlboro Banquet where they were presented with the Kraft Cup.  The team realized what an honour it is to play for such a reputable organization and to be surrounded by some of the best athletes in the GTHL.  All eight Toronto Marlboro teams made the playoffs, five of eight Marlboro teams won the Kraft cup and seven of eight were playing in the GTHL City Championship. All attending were so proud of their accomplishments.

The members of the Toronto Marlboro Atom AAA team were, as their saying states, "United in our Relentless Pursuit of Excellence."

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