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Poker Night
September 13, 2012
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On Thursday September 13, 2012 a group of Toronto Marlboro Minor Peewee parents, coaches and a whole lotta friends showed up to LeParc in Vaughan with their game faces on for their first ever poker night.

The evening began with a fabulous spread of antipastos and various appetizers and cocktails prior to dinner. Raffle tickets were also made available to all of the patrons for a slew of prizes which included an Easton hockey stick, a wheelbarrow full of wine or a coaching session by Gialedakis, just to name a few. Following this grand opening was a fabulous dinner in this elaborate venue.
The attendees were in great spirits, drinking good wine, eating good food and eager to leave with a little more cash than they came with. The hall was adorned with Marlboro jerseys as a true reminder of why the gathering took place to begin with. The guests made sure to fill up on a great meal in order to stay alert for the real festivity; good old poker.

Earlier in the evening, there were several tables of eager poker players which slowly dwindled down as winners progressed and others chose to fold. The night went on very late leaving some very lucky people competing for the big money. They read one another's faces (or tried to anyway). They predicted who was bluffing and who was not and at the very end of it, the last man standing wasn't a man at all. The Toronto Marlboros' 2001 very own Cindy Yelle was victorious over all others playing with the best "poker face" of all. Cindy remained unscathed throughout the entire evening and walked away with a pocket full of money and some very good memories.

Poker night was a huge success generating funds for the team. A huge thank you goes out to Michael Ciccolini for organizing such a wonderful event as well as all of the volunteers that offered their team in the name of hockey; "the great game this land gave us."

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