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Jonesing for January
February 1, 2013
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With the festivities and holidays behind them, it was time again for the Toronto Marlboro's 2001 team to start anew.  The season was far from over yet.  With nine season games remaining, as well as an upcoming tournament in Stratford, the team had to ensure that they were in top form.  With an almost completely injury free roster, the Marlboro's were ready to play the great game.  Just like the NHL and the completion of the lockout, hockey was back in full force across the board.

The Marlboros made their debut against the Titans with an epic win of 10-2 over their opponent.  In similar fashion, hungry for a win, they were victorious over the Don Mills Flyers with a score of 7-0.  Game three of January saw the Marlboros face the Toronto Red Wings.  Through the second storm of the season, the team trekked all the way over to Scarborough to seal the deal with a 7-0 victory over the Red Wings.

Feeling rather confident in all of their hard work and having a lot of fun, the Toronto Marlboros played their final game of the month against the Jr. Canadians.  Keeping in mind that the JRC gave them a run for their money in the Canadien Cup tournament, the team knew that they had to work hard for the win.  A very fast paced game had everyone on the edge of their seats.  However, their winning streak did not come to an end.  With a 2-1 win over JRC, the team remained victorious in January.

The following morning brought the team together for the Marlboro picture day.  The boys were suited up, their hair was combed and a number of photos were taken.  Their were great shots of the team with their coaching staff and some very special moments between a son and his father/mother.  But this great day wasn't over yet.  The team had a very exciting evening planned.  It was their annual "Marlboro day at the Marlie game".  All of the boys, their coaches and families headed to Ricoh Coliseum for a fun filled evening of what better than more hockey!!!  The boys were dressed in their Sunday best graciously representing the Marlboro organization.  Coach Gialedakis and the coaching staff took the time to bond with the team and create lasting memories while enjoying the game.  Although the Toronto Marlies weren't victorious, the night was a huge success for the boys and the families.

January was a successful month for the Marlboros.  With a few games left to play, it's time to head into February and prepare for the almighty playoffs. 

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