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2001 Toronto Marlboros Parents Put the FUN in FUNdraising!
September 15, 2014
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Meeting at the West River Banquet Hall in Vaughan, the parents of our 2001 Toronto Marlboros team led an event where everyone had a chance to meet, eat, and ‘play’ together, all in support of a cause that is important to each and every family on our team: raising money for our players! It's a good thing that having good, clean, fun has not been hijacked into our criminal code, and listed under “fines and misdemeanours!” If it had been, bail would have been set at: “three helpings of antipasto, two servings of cannelloni, and two cannoli’s!!! That’s right, "two cannoli’s!" You remember that line from that famous movie… “Put down the hockey stick, and take the cannoli’s!” :-)

From the time the first guests arrived, through to the end of the event, the Chef dazzled everyone with his food selection, starting with an incredible antipasto spread, appetizers, and a delicious, piping-hot buffet lunch. In addition to the incredible abundance of magnificent food, the variety of drinks, coffees and espresso’s, was great! The management and staff of the hall paid attention to every detail and made sure that all requests were taken care of in a very professional way.

The purpose of the event was clear: “Let’s get together to raise money for the team and have a lot of fun while doing it!”  The generosity of every person in attendance was quite evident. Kind and generous donors provided great items for both the silent and live auctions, they had: Leaf Tickets; signed jerseys; weekend and full week getaways at a Blue Mountain resort and cottage on Lake Joseph; Primo food boxes; fine wine donations; a Leafs signed game stick; and much more!

The 2001 Toronto Marlboros are very fortunate to have a number of excellent photographers, dedicated to preserving the historical aspects of each player’s contribution to the team. As a result, guests were treated to a wonderfully vivid slide presentation of the team in action as they walked into the well decorated hall which adorned with the boys game sweaters.

This was not only a great FUNdraiser, it was also a “feel-good” event that inspired all in attendance to contribute generously and furthered the cause of creating much greater rapport amongst parents, coaching staff, family, and friends!

Each person “dug deep” and through the auctions and other opportunities to raise money for the team, gave in the spirit with which this function was intended: to raise a great deal of money for the team, to have a great time while doing it, and to walk away, knowing that they made a very significant contribution to the overall benefit of the 2001 Toronto Marlboros!

Thank you!

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