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November 3, 2014
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Last season 2001 Toronto Marlboro Peewee team was representing the GTHL at the OHF Pee Wee Championships in Ottawa. As a gesture of support for the team, members of the Marlboros Board of Directors drove to Ottawa to attend the event.

During the tournament, there was a day where the Board members had some rare free time and visited the War Museum. Each person was struck by the enormity and significance of the displays and also by the conditions that the men fought in, and the struggles that they faced. It was an extremely moving experience.

Collectively, they have always had a great respect for the men and women who have served, and currently serve, our country. With most on the Board being retired educators, and as many of them had family ties to those who served in the military, the lessons learned were numerous and the memories profound.

It was a few weeks after their visit to the War Museum, that the Board decided to do something special for Remembrance Day. To respect, remember, and preserve the memories of those who served, they decided to create a Camouflage Jersey that they would present to each player.

The Marlboros Board wanted to make sure that the players knew the significance of the Camo Jersey, where the idea came from, and why it was important to preserve the memories of those in our military who inspired the concept.

When the presentation was made to each of the players, parents were visibly moved, and players were held spell-bound. For all who had the privilege to wear the jersey over the coming weeks it served as a significant reminder that we should always remember.

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