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Truly, a ‘November to Remember!’
December 2, 2014
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What is the “intrinsic value” of a hockey team and how is that value determined?

If one were to “de-construct” the month of November 2014, by looking back on that month from a point in December, the statistics would indicate that the 2001 Toronto Marlboros amassed “13 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie.”

During the month of November, included within the ’13 wins,’ the 2001 Toronto Marlboros also detoured from their rigorous practice and GTHL regular league schedule, and Won the Silver Stick Tournament in Whitby!

This November journey was an intense, focused period, of planning and execution. The team clearly understood the mission and responsibilities of each player, in every position; in net, and on all lines. Make no mistake, the ideal was clearly communicated and everyone knew the expected results.

Those results were secured through a consolidated team effort, where, across the entire team, the following results were achieved:
        * 53 Goals Scored
        * 17 Goals Against
        * 4 Shutouts

As any good accountant will tell you, rarely do the numbers tell the entire story! Individual ‘first-pass out of the zone,’ efforts that lead to great team breakouts, or unselfish opportunities to pass the puck instead of scoring an obvious goal, were some of the many highlights of “team-effort” accomplished throughout the month of November, 2014.

What is the “intrinsic value” of a hockey team and how is that value determined? One cannot determine an answer to this question by examining the numbers; be it – wins, or goals scored/goals against/shutouts. There are too many ‘observable variables’ that would suggest – a team of accountants could not answer this question! So, how does one measure the intrinsic value of a team like the 2001 Toronto Marlboros?

The answer is simple: Go watch them play! See for yourself. Apply your own critical faculty. You will come up with an answer… that is for certain. The true intrinsic value of watching a team like this play can only be found in how many times you are inspired to come back to the rink to watch them play.

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