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February 2015
March 2, 2015
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The successful conclusion of any hockey season can be measured by the extra-effort that is called upon and delivered, as the team makes the march to the playoffs. The 2014/2015 hockey season came to a very successful conclusion during the month of February, which saw the Toronto Marlboros scoring no less than 26 goals, during the last four games - earning four decisive victories, and securing a first round playoff spot!

Playoffs are never easy. Players are banged up and bruised, from the constant demands they place upon their bodies, and mentally, they are tired. Thankfully, each team that earns a spot in the playoffs comes from that same point of physical and psychological exhaustion! The playoffs are indeed a “battle!”

Back in August, at the end of the first week of a two week training camp, the Head Coach of the 2001 Marlboros was overheard to say: “They’re already playing like they are in mid-season form!” Each player came to camp in excellent condition!

At this point in the season is this a positive factor or a negative factor? Does burn-out play into the equation? Not with this team! Coming to camp in great condition and maintaining that development The old saying “My attitude determines my altitude,” is appropriate with this 2001 Toronto Marlboros team. You can see it each time they take to the ice.

The passion that they play with is obvious. That deep love for the game, combined with a truly dedicated belief in each of their teammates, has allowed this team, as a single unit, to transcend all of the difficulties they faced throughout the season, to arrive at the first round of playoffs and emerge victorious, through 5 well-played games!

Round two of the playoffs being in March. Come watch the 2001 Marlboros ROAR!

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